History Ipso Healthcare GmbH


The psychoanalyst Inge Missmahl develops “Value Based Counseling” in the context of humanitarian aid in Afghanistan. It is designed for people who are exposed to high stress and many psychosocial stressors in their daily lives, as well as for people who have had traumatic experiences or are seeking help with symptoms of depression or anxiety.


Start of first pilot project in Afghanistan with Caritas International.


Inge Missmahl founds IPSO (International Psychosocial Organization) as a humanitarian non-profit organization.


Takeover and implementation of Value Based Counseling in the Afghan health care system.


Systematic training of first counselors in the respective operational and crisis areas.


Start of the international roll-out of the Value Based Counseling method with the help of partners and supporters, such as the Federal Republic of Germany, the EU, Caritas International or Malteser Hilfswerke, in countries such as Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, China, Haiti, Ukraine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Germany.


First randomized study with the University of Konstanz in Afghanistan. The study results impressively show how highly effective the methodological procedure of Value Based Counseling is.


Introduction of the first digital offering in the context of humanitarian work as online counseling.


In 110,000 documented cases, a 70% improvement in symptoms is observed.


Over 450 counselors trained in Afghanistan, Haiti, and Sri Lanka.


Ipso engages in the refugee crisis in Germany. Systematic training of refugees as counselors.


150 people from 17 nationalities trained as Counselors in Germany.


Second randomized study on the effectiveness of Value Based Counseling conducted in Berlin in collaboration with Charité.


Since Ipso gGmbH was founded, more than 400,000 people seeking advice have been successfully supported internationally in one-on-one meetings as part of our humanitarian work.


Founding of Ipso Healthcare GmbH as a social business with our offer My7steps to ensure the sustainability of Ipso gGmbH and its humanitarian work in the long term and to support people in difficult life situations.