Value Based Counseling
at My7steps

Our proven short-term therapy 
in 7 steps – without waiting time and with personal psychologists

Value Based Counseling is a psychodynamic short-term therapy that is based on depth psychology and follows a well-structured procedure in 7 steps. In only 3-5 sessions and in 10 native languages.

It is about enhancing and strengthening your own psychic energy so that you can overcome challenging situations and difficult life situations well.

Value Based Counseling is aimed at people

  • with psychological difficulties
  • who feel restricted in coping with their everyday life
  • who feel overwhelmed or are in a difficult phase of life.

Value Based Counseling takes into account your personal values and your cultural environment. We focus on a dialogue at eye level so that you can quickly regain your self-efficacy and experience yourself as taking meaningful action.

At My7steps, we are here to help you do just that. At My7steps, we offer online counseling by native-speaking psychologists in English, French, German, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Dari/Farsi, Turkish, Hindi and Russian.

Two controlled and randomized studies have shown the effectiveness of the approach.

Steps 1-3:
Understanding your inner situation
Steps 4-6:
Restoring your ability to act
Step 7:
Strengthening resources and consolidating successes