We are Ipso Healthcare and My7steps.

Ipso Healthcare GmbH was founded to ensure the long-term sustainability of Ipso gGmbH and its humanitarian work as a social business with our offer of My7steps and to support people in difficult life situations.

Ipso gGmbH was founded in 2008 by psychoanalyst Inge Missmahl as a non-profit humanitarian organization. Ipso specializes in psychosocial counseling and mental health care to help people in crisis and war zones worldwide. Ipso combines this work with the promotion of local culture and cultural dialogue, as a means to international understanding, peace and reconciliation.

Ipso’s activities include the development of concepts for building sustainable structures in the field of psychosocial and mental health care as well as in the areas of local community and cultural work. The concepts include their implementation including accompanying research, monitoring and evaluation. The core of the work is a therapeutic short-term intervention developed by Inge Missmahl, Value Based Counseling.