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Our mental health
short-term treatment.
Making you feel
better tomorrow.


Empathetic. Supportive. Reliable.

Counseling that’s as diverse as you.

Experiencing EMPATHY and feeling understood helps us in challenging situations. Together, we’ll focus on your feelings and strengths.

We are all different. Everyone responds differently to everyday challenges. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to mental wellbeing. Our Value Based Counseling helps you to overcome psychological stress and feel better in the long term. Using our online platform, we work with you to develop a solution tailored to your needs.

You’ve come to the right place with us

  • Psychological stress with symptoms of depression, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed
  • Personal problems and conflicts
  • Conflicts with family and friends
  • Conflicts in professional life
  • Difficult life situations
  • Stress

We all need SUPPORT. Sometimes more so than we’d like. We support you. On an equal footing.

Our Value Based Counseling (VBC) is designed to help you use your own resources so that you have control over your life and the stressful conditions that can arise. We help you regain your sense of wellbeing.

The effectiveness of VBC is proven by controlled and randomised studies.

Companies we work with:

RELIABILITY – this is what we need when we feel overburdened. Reliable people we can turn to.

Our counselors are people you can trust to offer professional mental health support. That’s why we place great emphasis on all our counselors staying up-to-date with the latest professional training and themselves being well supported.

Using counselors who are native speakers ensures they have the right cultural awareness and are able to understand and suport their patients.

Your requests will of course be treated with the utmost confidentiality.


Easy registration.

Support from experienced psychologists. In your native language.

No waiting times.

Minimal sessions.
Scientifically proven.

Value Based Counseling.
Focus on self-sufficiency.

Easy registration. Anonymous.
Support from experienced psychologists. In your native language.
Online. No waiting times.
Minimal sessions. Scientifically proven.
Value Based Counseling. Focus on self-sufficiency.

Take advantage of our offer.

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